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Wireless Detector

    The Megalarm wireless detectors can be used to install an interlinked mini-system in minutes! They feature an integral sounder meaning that they can operate as a stand alone unit for fire detection.  Up to 10 units can be wirelessly connected making them a very cost-effective solution for a wireless fire detection system.  This provides great opportunities for our customers when dealing with budget-conscious clients.  The wireless connectivity also provides an easy solution for retro-fit requirements.

    The Megalarm system was born some years back as a hard-wired system.  Since then, the range has been developed to offer a wireless range including the introduction of the wireless detector.

    Dave Warrilow, Fire Depot’s Product Development Manager, has been involved in a number of installations of the product already.  “They’re a brilliantly designed product,” says Dave, “very easy to install by following the instruction guide.  They’re also very cost-effective.”

    More details of the product can be seen here.  The Fire Depot team are on call to discuss pricing and technical data on 0330 999 2233 or email info@firedepot.co.uk .

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