What is the new major fire risk?

What is the new major fire risk? E-bike Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety

    Are you aware of the dangers that electrical devices pose to us and those around us? Today, we are all mindful of the environment and how important it is to reduce the impact whilst retaining mobility, this has seen a big increase in electrically powered transport. In addition, includes new personal modes of transport for example, hoverboards, electric bikes and e-scooters. These items all carry major fire risks that need to be spoken about.

    This new mode of transport has come with a worrying increase in fires which have resulted in substantial property loss, injuries and several deaths. With an estimated 200,000 scooters already in use in the UK and increasing along with the risk of further fire related incidents.

    Transport for London’s ban on private e-scooters, this is to prevent them from being taken onto the capital’s transport network, this came into force at the end of 2021 after an incident in November which saw an e-scooter catch fire on a train stopped at an underground station.

    This has been a significant concern with Fire and Rescue Services across the UK for some time. During 2021 firefighters in England attended more than 50 blazes as a result of both e-scooters and e-bikes whereas 2020 saw half that amount for the whole year! This led to London Fire Brigade issuing an urgent safety warning.

    All these new modes of transport are powered by lithium-ion batteries which contain a large number of cells from two to thousands and can be recharged many times. These batteries hold a lot of energy and are extremely volatile therefore it is extremely important to manage this risk in case a scooter does ignite. This can be done by having the right products to put out the fire and keep it out, our Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range contains extinguishers, blankets, containers etc, to know which product you need to protect your lithium-ion battery, please visit the product selector.

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