What is a wet chemical fire extinguisher?

wet chemical fire extinguisher

    A fire can only be successfully put out if the right equipment is used on it. The wet chemical fire extinguisher is a lesser-known but vital piece of fire safety equipment for commercial kitchens.

    What is a wet chemical extinguisher and where can it be used?

    A wet chemical extinguisher is purposely designed to put out fires started by cooking oil, fat, or grease. It’s an essential piece of firefighting kit that every professional kitchen should have. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are also known as Class F extinguishers. However, they are also capable of dealing with fires categorised as Class A. This includes flammable materials like paper, textiles, or wood.

    You should not use wet chemical fire extinguishers to fight off fires started by:

    • petrol,
    • diesel,
    • paint,
    • flammable gases such as butane or methane.

    In addition, this extinguisher is not suitable for dealing with electrical fires.

    Identifying wet chemical extinguishers

    Each and every extinguisher can be identified using a label. Wet chemical extinguishers can be identified by a few pointers that include:

    • Yellow label with the name “Wet Chemical”
    • Longer than normal hose
    • Fixed extinguisher ID nearby labelled “Wet chemical extinguisher”

    Wet chemical extinguishers come in a variety of sizes, the size chosen depends on the demands of the kitchen however, the most common sizes on the market are 2, 3 and 6 litres.

    How does a wet chemical extinguisher work?

    Wet chemical extinguishers utilize potassium compounds to stop fire in two ways. First, when sprayed on the flames, potassium mist cools the fire resulting in a chemical reaction which causes a soapy-like substance to form on the surface of fire, stopping the supply of oxygen and extinguishing the flames in the process.

    How to correctly use this type of extinguisher:

    Fire safety experts strongly advise training on the correct use of fire extinguishers, as using the equipment incorrectly will mean you won’t be able to contain a fire emergency. You have to be extremely careful when using a wet chemical extinguisher to prevent splashing burning oil or fat onto surrounding location.

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