What is a fire blanket and how does it work?


    What is a fire blanket?

    A fire blanket is a simple fire safety product stored in either a soft or rigid case.   Designed to tackle small, contained kitchen fires, they are installed in domestic, educational, residential, and industrial kitchens.  A standard fire blanket can withstand a temperature of up to 900 degrees.

    How does it work?

    A traditional fire blanket is constructed from a sheet of woven fire-resistant material which is used to smother the flames, starving them of oxygen and extinguishing the fire before it gets out of control.

    There are two grab and pull handle tapes that protrude from the bottom of the fire blanket case. These allow the blanket to be pulled easily from the container and also cover the individual's hands to protect them from burns. Fire blankets can be safely used in the event of an emergency without any special training being needed (unlike a fire extinguisher), however, potential users should familiarise themselves with the instructions which are located on the container as this will save time in the event of an incident.

    How to use a fire blanket

    1. Turn off the source of heat (if safe to do so)
    2. Pull the tapes to release the fire blanket from its container
    3. Hold the blanket in a shield position, and if possible, wrap the blanket around your hands for protection
    4. Place the blanket over the fire to smother the blaze
    5. Leave it to cool completely, ensuring the fire is fully extinguished

    If the flames are larger than the blanket itself, do not attempt to put it out. Instead, go somewhere safe and call the fire brigade as quickly as possible.

    Did you know?

    Fire blankets can also be used to extinguish a fire that has caught onto a person's clothing. This is done by placing the person on the ground and wrapping them in the fire blanket, so the oxygen is excluded, and the flames are therefore diminished. Being in a horizontal position also prevents the flames from reaching the victim's face or hair.

    You can learn more about using a fire blanket by watching our video on our Firechief YouTube channel.

    Can a fire blanket replace an extinguisher?

    The short answer is no, it shouldn't.

    Fire extinguishers are still recommended fire safety devices. Whilst a fire blanket is a more efficient way of tackling smaller, contained saucepan fires, it is not equipped to tackle large or different types of fire.

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