What does ‘We Invest in People’ Gold actually mean? An Exploration by a New Starter


    Sentura Group are proud holders of 'We Invest in People' Gold, and it's a key marketing message to new and prospective employees but what does it actually mean?

    I'm Lucy, I started at Sentura Group in July as a Marketing Executive so I'm still pretty new to the team and trying to rapidly learn as much about the company, and the industry, as possible!

    A main part of this is exploring how the team works, the culture, and the meaning behind any buzzwords or initiatives that I've not seen before.


    After a brilliant introduction from the team, I wanted to do a bit of research into what 'We Invest in People' represents, and I thought: why not share it with you?

    In a Nutshell

    The Investors in People certifications mean that a business meets a certain standard for people management, it means that they actively create structures and process to support, lead, and innovate their teams.

    Exploring Development Potential

    Here at Sentura, each new employee receives a thorough insight to the business. Whether you are starting in the marketing, supply chain, or customer success departments, you have meetings with each team to ensure that you have a broad knowledge of how every part of this well-oiled machine works together.

    While I'm still in the first few years of my career, this was a nice surprise for me. I not only learnt about my own job and department, but also about how I will work with the other teams, how the business is set up, and how we are doing - with facts and figures!

    Not only that, but existing employees are also supported to continually improve their industry and academic knowledge by taking part in external courses, webinars, and internal briefings.


    Part of the certification is also structured around purpose and goals. They work with each and every employee to ensure that we're aligned towards the same goals, we all know our piece in the puzzle, and we work together to make those goals a reality.

    As human nature dictates, we generally work better when fuelled by a purpose. At Sentura, there are overarching, annual, quarterly and weekly goals which help to guide everything we do, ensuring that every day we come into work we have a focus and roadmap to success.

    You know exactly where you stand, what success looks like in your role, and how to get there - which is quite comforting when you're a new starter!


    Community in work is a massive part of the Sentura team. The One Team, One Vision ethos engenders an open, transparent, supportive environment.

    Our team calendar is kept up to date so that people's work from days and office days can be planned and communicated effectively, our office and business updates are shared with everyone so everyone is kept informed, and our progress is tracked openly so that we can all strive towards the goals.

    One Team, One vision also means holding off site company events so that everyone can refocus, recalibrate, and have a bit of fun!

    I'm still learning about the business and all the ways that their refreshing approach to people and business manifests itself in day to day life but to sum up, 'We Invest in People' Gold means that they put their people first, with the belief that if they treat their people well, they will in turn treat their customers well - and it seems like pretty sound logic to me.