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Greg & Matt

    We are delighted to welcome both Matt Humby and Greg Speed to the Fire Depot team.  They join us as Business Development Managers and will be working with both new and existing Fire Depot customers in their respective areas.

    Matt Humby joined the company earlier this year and since then has been busy getting to know the customers in his area.  As he lives in Norfolk this means quite a lot of travelling and a good few early starts each week!

    Matt has many years’ experience in the fire industry having been an account manager at Guardian Fire and then running his own import and export trading company providing all types of fire and safety products to the UK and Europe.  ‘I have known and worked with everyone at Fire Depot for the last 20 years and have always sold the company’s products, so it seemed a natural thing to join them as I already felt part of the team!’ commented Matt.

    Outside of work, Matt is a family man and his three daughters, and two Dalmatians keep him busy but in his spare time he is interested in photography and recently had one of his photographs published in a magazine looking for an inspirational shot!  His other claim to fame is that he used to play 5-aside football with actor Christopher Eccleston (a former Doctor Who) in St John’s Wood back in the days before he became famous!

    Before joining Fire Depot, Greg Speed was a Fire Engineer at the Building Research Establishment (LPCB) in Watford testing a range of fire safety equipment such as fire blankets & fire extinguishers to British and European standards, within the fire suppression department.  He also undertook research and development on many large-scale projects for both Government and private clients.  His role meant he had to travel a fair amount and this took him all over the world  - from Germany to fighting fires in India!

    ‘I knew this was a fun start to my career as soon as I was dumped in the middle of north India, fighting fires and dealing with the amazing culture they have’, said Greg. ‘It was a real eye opener hearing the locals talking about a tiger which had killed a local worker a few miles away - especially when we had to work in a field through the night!  From travelling through India, swimming in the Ganges to 5* star facilities in Germany, I knew this was a varied industry and an industry I would love to remain in’.

    When not at work, Greg has many interests but during the summer months he competes in Classic/Twinshock motocross racing across the UK, where in his own words he ‘collects a lifetime supply of mud!’

    For expert help and advice on fire safety products, contact Matt or Greg or other members of the Fire Depot team on 0330 999 2233, email us at sales@firedepot.co.uk or visit www.firedepot.co.uk to see our full range of products.




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