Welcome to the team Krystal!


    We’re delighted to welcome Krystal Suffling to the Firechief® team.

    Passionate about finding & developing innovative solutions to meet complex needs, Krystal has joined Firechief® as NPD and Sourcing Manager.

    With a background in the mobility industry, Krystal is excited to delve deep into the fire safety sector, bringing her innovative thinking to our product development, helping to create new and innovative fire safety solutions.

    A fire safety tip that Krystal thinks everyone should know is:

    🔋 Don't sleep with your phone charging under your pillow!

    Outside of work, Krystal is an avid reader, and loves spending time outdoors with her family, whether it's a visit to a National Trust site, going to the beach or just a nice local dog walk!

    In 3 words, Krystal describes herself as:

    🎨 Creative

    🌟 Positive

    🚀 Driven

    Welcome aboard, Krystal. We're glad you've joined the team that's working together to make the world a safer place!

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