‘How to’ video features Firechief Megaseals


    Anti-tamper seals are one of the most vital accessories in every extinguisher technician’s tool bag. After a fire extinguishers annual service, the old seal is removed and a new one is put on in its place to indicate that the extinguisher has not been tampered or interfered with and to prevent the extinguishers pin accidently being pulled out.

    Firechief Megaseal Extinguisher Seals are manufactured from high quality polypropylene -  a strong but flexible weatherproof plastic - and come in a variety of colours, making it simple to identify that the annual service has been carried out according to the requirements of the British Standard.

    And the Megaseals are one of the best-selling products in the Fire Depot range as at 170mm the length of the cable is longer than other seals available on the market, which makes them very easy to fit.

    Fire Depot also stocks a range of other fire extinguisher servicing equipment including Tamper Indicators, Plastic Pins and OK Indicators.  You can learn more about these and how to fit them in our ‘How to fit Firechief Megaseals, Pins and OK Indicators’ video.

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