Two new Distributors signed for Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range

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    Firechief Global is pleased to announce that it has signed two new Authorised Distributors for its Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range (LBR) -  safety supply company SafetyBuyer (UK) Ltd and Ferndale Fire who are based in the Republic of Ireland.

    The Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range includes Lith-Ex Extinguishers,  Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Fire BlanketsFire Suppression Kits, PyroFlow Active and Passive Fire Suppression Granules and Fire-Resistant Containers which are designed for the safe storage and transit of Lithium batteries and the smaller devices which contain them.

    Kevin Rowe, Joint Managing Director at SafetyBuyer said:  ‘We are about to finish our 10th year in business and have worked with Sentura since our very first day.   We make a great team as our service ethos and values are the same and continuing to work with a trusted supplier to bring new solutions to our customers and find new customers too, is core business at its most productive.

    ‘We’re particularly keen to be offering solutions that respond to new workplace or site hazards and the research and development Sentura have invested into battery safety, will provide us with many new opportunities as one of their battery safety range distributors’.

    Firechief Global’ s Managing Director Laurie Pollard commented: “All the companies who join our network of authorised Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range distributors have been selected to provide our product range with new routes to market.  In return, distributors receive a package of product training and sales and marketing support to help ensure their success.  We look forward to working with all of them in growing awareness and sales of this exciting product range.”

    For further information about Lithium-ion battery fires and details of the Firechief LBR range and Authorised Distributors, visit our website, call us on +44 (0)330 999 0019 or email


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