Startling statistic in fire safety for tradespeople study


    Tradespeople, such as locksmiths, electricians, and builders, face many fire risks throughout their work but a shocking statistic from an IronmongeryDirect study looking at fire safety for tradespeople shows that 85% of tradespeople wouldn’t know what to do in the event of a fire at work.

    On top of this, only 12% of workers have access to a fire extinguisher at all times and 85% do not have one in their vehicle at all.

    Fire Safety for Tradespeople

    As detailed in the ‘Protect My’ section of the Firechief website, each industry and trade has its own specific set of challenges when it come to fire safety and prevention.

    A thorough risk assessment needs to be undertaken for each workplace, as the Fire Industry Association CEO, Ian Moore, points out: “A fire risk assessment should determine, through thorough inspection, any potential risks or hazards so that they may be resolved.”

    Whether part of a large business or a sole trader, each and every tradesperson should be aware of the risks they face every day and have some knowledge and training in fire safety and actions to take should a fire ever break out.

    Fire Risks in the Workplace

    There are a multitude of risks associated with the construction industry and trades. Fire risks in the workplace are often overlooked even though they can be deadly.

    Electrical equipment powered by Lithium-ion batteries, such as mobile devices, laptops, and tools, present a unique risk (you can read more about it here.)

    EduCare also point out that dust can also be a cause of fire in the workplace, with wood and plastic build-up able to cause equipment breakdown or failure.

    Hot work such as flame cutting, welding, grinding, soldering, or paint stripping also all pose fire risks.

    Other fire risks in these environments can include processes using flammable substances; faulty electrical apparatus or machinery; faulty or unattended equipment in portacabin kitchenettes and tea rooms and carelessly discarded smoking materials coming into contact with flammable items.

    Staying safe in the Workplace

    The survey found that 86% of tradespeople wouldn’t know the difference between electrical, gas, or chemical fires. This knowledge is crucial in knowing how to effectively fight a blaze so educating yourself or others in the differences and how to fight them is essential (you can find our handy blog here!)

    The main advice given by IronmongeryDirect following the survey is to:

    • Follow regulations
    • Regularly maintain all equipment
    • Store tools in a safe place

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    “Over a third of businesses do not have suitable fire risk assessments in place,” new survey finds

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