Sentura Brand Launches Successful CPD Course

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    In early August, the Sentura team launched a Firechief Global CPD accredited course titled 'An Introduction to the Burning Issues Surrounding Lithium-Ion Battery Fires'.

    Lithium-ion Battery CPD Course

    The course calls upon Firechief's Senior Technical Consultant, Matt Humby's public speaking expertise and is planned to be delivered in person, on webinars, and as a video recording.

    Including a top-level view of lithium-ion batteries, how they work, and where they're used, the course provides a good introductory insight into the highly topical subject and counts towards attendees continuing professional development - with a certificate of attendance and battery safety poster provided post-course.

    Within the course, there is also a plethora of examples of when lithium-ion batteries malfunction, giving attendees real-world examples of what can happen in the aftermath of failure and thermal runaway.

    There is the opportunity to ask questions throughout, which Matt and Ian Poole, Firechief's Head of Sales, dive into at the end of the presentation.

    The First Webinar

    Held soon after the course launch date, on the 15th of August, the first webinar was a great success with high engagement levels and positive feedback post-event.

    There was an informative poll at the end and multiple questions, such as: Should facilities and fire safety teams be thinking about introducing new staff training or specific training around these issues as the risks increase?

    Matt's response to this question delved into the changing climate and view towards lithium-ion batteries in the past 3 to 4 years and mentioned some examples of where organisations are doing just that.

    The feedback post-webinar asked if participants would be putting anything into practice following the event with many confirming that they will consider the risks and handling of lithium-ion batteries going forward.

    One said that they would consider the "safe use and storage of li-ion batteries, coaching and promotion of safe battery use," with another saying that they would adopt a "preventative approach to the risk of fire in lithium-ion batteries."

    This is a great result for the course and shows the value of spreading awareness surrounding the issues and dangers involved with lithium-ion batteries.

    Looking to the future

    There is a second webinar being held on the 15th of September, with private in-person sessions being held throughout September and October.

    There is also a second course in the works which would be an intermediate course - keep your eyes peeled for more on that in the future!

    If either of these are something you'd be interested in, you can sign up for the September webinar for free here or follow our Firechief LinkedIn page for all the latest updates.

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