Scorpion detector testing units

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    Many of today’s fire alarm installations have detectors in places which are very difficult to access.  Examples include lift shafts, voids, warehouses and manufacturing plants.  This has caused a problem when it comes to testing these units on the ongoing maintenance program.

    The Scorpion detector testing kits are a solution to this problem.  The test unit is permanently installed with the detector and then connected to a control panel in an easy access area.  Service engineers can then conduct a test of the detector via the panel as opposed to having to access the detector itself.

    So where is Scorpion used?  Here’s a few of the examples:

    -          Detectors in secure areas such as prisons, clean rooms, military premises etc.

    -          Detectors in public areas such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals etc.

    -          Detectors in hazardous areas (including detectors at height)

    -          Detectors in awkward locations such as lift shafts and voids etc.

    And what are the benefits?  There are many – for example:

    -          Reduced testing time for service engineers (allowing them to make more money as the have more time)

    -          Reduced cost due to no special equipment being required

    -          Reduced disruption to public and secure areas

    -          Reduced need for out of hours work

    Interested?  You can see the Scorpion products on the website or call us on 0330 999 2233 to discuss the units further.

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