One Team One Vision: How open communication benefits a business

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    Here at Sentura, we have a core set of values that guide everything we do. We believe that these values drive our success and motivate our teams. A key part of this is our One Team One Vision ethos and the importance of open communication.

    One Team One Vision (OTOV)

    One Team One Vision encompasses a lot of what we do to ensure that our teams are aligned, our culture is healthy, and our business is a good place to work.

    Part of this is our commitment to holding quarterly OTOV meetings where the company goals are shared, a roadmap to success is generated, and each team member can visualise their part in how the business gets there.

    There are also weekly employee feedback opportunities, monthly recognition programmes, and an atmosphere of openness, transparency, and teamwork.

    This engenders a positive, fulfilled workforce, with the team regularly providing feedback such as:

    “We have a good community vibe here, every is supported by everyone. We all feel very invested and want the business to do well.”

    “They are the best for communications. To see everything from a whole business perspective is very refreshing.”

    Open Communication

    Open communication refers to people’s ability to express their ideas and thoughts.

    In the workplace, this requires senior management to foster an environment where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas in a confident, polite, and honest way.

    This avoids passive-aggressive behaviours, avoiding surprises and conflicts, and collaborating in a more positive way.

    Blink details research by Atlassian in their article on open communication, showing that ‘teams with an open work style’ are:

    60% more likely to achieve more, faster

    80% more likely to report high emotional well-being

    Benefits of Open Communication

    The benefits of open communication can be tenfold for a company that works hard to develop and sustain it.

    These include:

    • Higher productivity levels
    • Clear expectations
    • Enhanced psychological safety
    • Stronger team bonds
    • Higher creativity levels and increased innovative thinking

    All of these aspects not only increase the happiness of employees and senior management, but also push a business forward, increasing productivity and potentially, results! You can find out more about our cultural values here, or contact us through our website to find out more about working with us.

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