NEW 2020 catalogue now available – and with over 50 new and improved products!


    Our new 2020/21 catalogue is here and has over 50 new and improved products for you and your customers.

    New products include the Firechief Wildfire Range! This is a robust range of wildfire firefighting tools to complement the Firechief Fire Beater. It consists of 4 new products :

    Firechief Forestry Rakehoe - a McLeod rake with a two-sided blade on a long, fibreglass handle designed to rake fire lines with the teeth and cut branches and turf with the sharpened hoe edge.

    Firechief Forestry Rake - a 4 teeth fire rake with 4 sharp steel blades individually bolted to the head and used to cut through roots and brush. The blades are easily removable for sharpening.

    Firechief Firefighters Axe Short - with black rubber cover with a voltage resistance of 1000V.

     Firechief Firefighters Axe Long - Long Firemans Axe - a versatile and heavy-duty Pulaski axe with handle. Able to both dig soil and chop wood. Typically used to construct firebreaks.

    Managing Director Laurie Pollard said: 'We now have the catalogue available for download and would like to encourage our customers to download their copy of the Fire Depot catalogue. We have found this a very quick and efficient way for our customers to have access to our catalogue and especially for those out on the road who don’t always have one to hand, simply scan the QR code and view it on your mobile device”!

    The QR code for Fire Depot Catalogue is below:

    FD catalogue QR code




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