More than two in five adults unaware of lithium-ion battery fire risk while charging

lithium-ion battery fire risk

    The insurer, Aviva, has urged people to consider the lithium-ion battery fire risk in their homes after seeing an increase in customer claims related to them.

    The findings at a glance

    In research commissioned by Aviva to further investigate public feeling and experience with lithium-ion battery fire risk, there are many worrying statistics.

    These include:

    • One in nine Brits have suffered a fire (11%) or explosion (11%) in their home due to a lithium-ion battery or device
    • one-in-ten (9%) have experienced the scorching of a surface where a lithium-ion battery or device was charging
    • two-in-ten (20%) have experienced a battery or device overheating at some point
    • two-in-five adults (41%) don’t know what a lithium-ion battery is
    • two-fifths (42%) are unaware of the fire risks associated with charging them
    • seven-in-ten adults (71%) don’t know the warning signs of a lithium-ion battery that’s about to fail
    • less than three in ten adults (27%) unplug their device once it’s fully charged
    • almost one-in-ten (9%) leave their mobile phone charging while they’re not present in their property
    • more than one in ten individuals (13%) – that’s over seven million Brits – don’t have a smoke alarm or any other fire safety devices fitted in their homes

    This data shows that action is needed urgently.

    Education and action from leading companies and regulating bodies is needed to improve these figures and help protect families and homes.

    Lithium-ion battery fire risk

    Lithium-ion batteries are extremely powerful and are generally very safe. They power many devices that we rely on daily.

    However, they can be volatile if damaged, dropped, or incorrectly handled. They are also susceptible to malfunction.

    Our ‘thermal runaway’ diagram details the causes of lithium-ion battery fires and the risks that they lead to:

    Education and Resources

    There is a lot of information about the lithium-ion battery risk and safety out there.

    Here we have collated a few resources to help you get to grips with it and stay safe.

    Educational pages:

    Firechief® Battery Fire Safety Site

    London Fire Brigade

    Real-world examples:

    Sofia’s Story

    Halifax Home Lithium Battery Fire




    There is a lot of information out there about lithium-ion batteries and their fire risks but there is more work to be done to ensure that the general public are aware of the risks posed and what to do in the event of a fire.

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