More Firechief Lithium Battery Range Approved Distributors signed!


    Firechief Global is delighted to announce that it has signed two more Authorised Distributors for its Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range (LBR);  Fire Safe Fire Protection of Northern Ireland and national fire and security solutions provider, EDSB.

    The Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range includes Lith-Ex Extinguishers,  Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Fire BlanketsFire Suppression Kits and Fire-Resistant Containers which are designed for the safe storage and transit of Lithium batteries and the smaller devices which contain them.

    Hugh Doyle, Managing Director at Fire Safe Fire Protection said; ‘Fire Safe are delighted to become the Northern Ireland distributor partner for the Firechief LBR range. We have worked with Sentura Group for over 20 years and have found their Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range is exceptional in terms of performance and value. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used by our customers powering electronic devices, power tools, electric vehicles and for electric power storage. Adding the Firechief range of environmentally friendly Lith-Ex extinguishers, suppression kits containers and blankets will help provide our clients with a fire safety solution to the potential dangers where Lithium batteries are stored or charged. We are very excited to become their partner in Northern Ireland.’

    Firechief Global’s Managing Director Laurie Pollard commented: “The companies who join our network of authorised Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range distributors have been selected to provide our product range with new routes to market.  In return, distributors receive a package of product training and sales and marketing support to help ensure their success.  We look forward to working with all of them in growing awareness and sales of this exciting product range.”

    For further information about Lithium battery fires and details of the Firechief LBR range and Authorised Distributors, visit our website Lithium Battery Safety Range – Firechief Global

    The Firechief range includes high-performance fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits, lithium-ion fire extinguishers for your home and leisure time.  For more information, call us on +44 (0)330 999 0019 or email

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