MED approval for Firechief XTR extinguishers


    Do you have customers in the marine industry?  Have you tried to supply the marine industry in the past but been knocked back by the stringent standards?  Firechief XTR extinguishers hold the answer.

    As many will know, all equipment supplied for use in marine environments such as ships, ferries, oil rigs etc., has to carry MED approval.  And fire extinguishers are no exception!

    The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is a Council Directive published in December 1996.  Approval to this directive involves tests which ensure that the equipment will be able to handle the harsh environments out at sea.  Once the tests have been passed, the product can boast the famous Shipswheel logo.

    “Passing MED tests really says a lot for Firechief XTR extinguishers.” reports Richard Graham, Fire Depot’s Quality Manager.  “The level of testing is harsh and all the units have passed without exception.”

    Fire Depot have been supplying a range of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers with MED approval for many years but this now sees nearly 30 units within the portable range with the Shipswheel logo.

    View the full range of Fire Extinguishers on the website.

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