Introducing our extended Firechief Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range


    Lithium-ion batteries are a common part of everyday life, at home and at work. They are used in power tools, computers, personal devices, scooters/bikes, cards, forklift trucks and other factory equipment and much more. The dangers they pose are prominent as lithium-ion battery fire hazards can be caused by physical impact, overheating, internal cell failure, short circuits, or manufacturing defects.

    Firechief has now introduced a range ofLithium Battery Fire Safety Accessories to complement its specialist Lith-Ex Extinguishers.

    Firechief Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Fire Blanket

    A specialist range of fire blankets manufactured from fire resistant technical fabrics and industrial stitching which have been developed specifically for the safe storage and protection of Lithium-ion batteries in transit. The blankets are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures of up to 1000°C for a prolonged period of time as well as being robust enough to offer protection.

    Firechief Lithium Battery Fire Suppression Kit (Small & Large)

    The Firechief Fire Suppression Kit is the perfect solution for the effective control, safe storage, and suppression of extinguished Lithium-ion battery fires. The kit provides the initial extinguisher (either FLE500 or FLE2) to extinguish the fire and a bag for the safe suppression and removal of the extinguished device. It will withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C. Typical applications are mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

    Firechief Lithium Battery Fire Resistant Container

    The Firechief Lith-Ex Fire Resistant Container is an innovative product that protects potentially flammable goods against the threat of fire. The exceptional insulation properties are achieved by the use of a unique combination of technical textiles which prevent the propagation of both internal and external fires.

    The container works in several ways:

    1. Contains a fire within the bag (e.g., burning batteries on a plane)
    2. Prevents fire spreading to adjacent material
    3. Gives extra time for responders to get the risk under control
    4. Prevents an external fire igniting a vulnerable/flammable cargo

    Firechief Lith-Ex Extinguishers

    These high-performance extinguishers are designed to stop lithium-ion battery fires fast. The Firechief Lith-Ex extinguisher range is made up of 7 different sizes of extinguishers ranging from 500ml to a 50L trolley extinguisher. Each extinguisher is suitable for tackling varied sizes of Lithium-Ion battery fire.

    Firechief Lith-Ex Diagram








    Lithium-ion batteries continue to present a more frequent fire hazard each day as the number of consumer and industrial goods powered by them increases. Firechief Lith-Ex extinguishers are suited to confined spaces where fires need to be suppressed in their infancy before developing into a fully established fire.

    They can also be used to protect against fires where batteries are under charge and stored. For example, goods distribution, battery collection bins, battery recycling locations, public services and battery charging stations.

    How do Firechief Lith-Ex extinguishers work?

    Firechief Lith-ex extinguishers contain Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent. The water content of the extinguisher cools the fire source while the Vermiculite platelets encapsulate the fuel source creating a thermal barrier to prevent propagation of the fire. AVD is twice as effective as water on Class A fires and is environmentally friendly.

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