Innohome renews the distribution agreement with Firechief Global for the UK market.

innohome and firechief logos to celebrate distribution agreement

    Finland-based technology company Innohome is to continue to work in close cooperation with its UK distributor, Firechief® Global. The partnership began in 2018 and the common interest of ‘making the world a safer place’ has led to a successful collaboration.

    Distribution Agreement

    This has now been enhanced with a renewed distribution agreement. “We are very pleased that we were able to continue with Firechief® Global in the UK market,” states Innohome’s Sales Director Jan Henriksson.

    Firechief® Global originally chose the Stove Guard by Innohome, because of its perfect fit into the Firechief® Global product portfolio, which consists of high-quality fire prevention, detection and suppression devices and systems.

    “In the UK, as in many other countries, the overall knowledge of the magnitude of kitchen fires and especially of devices designed to prevent them, is limited. Although the people working within the fire safety industry are well aware of the overall problem, the building owners and inhabitants still need a lot of educating in the area,” says Ian Poole, Head of Sales at Firechief® Global.

    Firechief® has worked consistently and successfully in increasing the awareness and will continue to do so in the future. “There is a lot of potential in the UK market and Firechief® has done a tremendous job in the past 5 years to increase the awareness of fire safety in general and the benefits of Stove Guards in particular”, comments Jan Henriksson.

    Firechief® Global and Innohome

    Firechief® Global is the UK’s fastest-growing fire safety brand. The growth potential for Stove Guard sales comes from social housing, student accommodation and high-rise buildings. “We are very happy with our co-operation with Innohome. There are more people involved on both sides regarding the UK Stove Guard business and the way of working is flexible and informal. Any issues are addressed, and the collaboration has become stronger. It all adds up to more people living more safely in their homes, which makes this work so meaningful,” Ian Poole concludes.

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