The impact of Covid-19 on the Fire Industry


    The far-reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to be felt across the world, and of course the fire industry and the businesses they serve have not been spared from these effects either.   Many organisations have had to adapt their working practices but despite Covid restrictions having largely been lifted, the economic impacts of the pandemic along with the repercussions of Brexit continue, creating unprecedented challenges – and opportunities - for businesses.

    In common with many manufacturers, those in the fire industry have been hugely impacted by the global shortages of raw materials, supply chain challenges due to factory shutdowns or slowdowns, transportation delays due to limited availability of sea vessels and containers, HGV driver shortages, and tighter restrictions in ports and borders.

    And on the human resource side of things, there are now fewer engineering apprentices coming through due to a lack of availability of placements during the pandemic period.  This is likely to have a longer-term impact within the industry over the next few years.

    However, it’s not all doom and gloom!  There have undoubtedly also been some positive changes and opportunities.  The use of cloud technology has become more prominent in managing fire compliance, with some companies now providing smart servicing via remote access to review any issues before they attend site. There is generally a higher demand and acceptance for doing things digitally and this includes an increased use of virtual/online training.   According to the FIA, over 450 fire professionals have attended online training since April 1st 2021 and more than 100 online exams have been completed since June 1st 2021.

    Environmental sustainability also got a boost during the pandemic with CO2 emissions going down by 5.8% in 2020, the largest reduction in history.   In addition, a likely consequence of the higher levels of hybrid and/or home working is some downsizing or repurposing of buildings, which in turn will mean that the fire safety requirements for that premises will need to change.  Businesses may need to reassess and even improve their fire safety and fire risk assessments and update evacuation procedures, including appointing new fire wardens/marshals where those previously responsible are no longer on the premises.

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