First Firechief Lithium Battery Range Approved Distributors!


    Sentura is delighted to announce that three of its customers have signed up to become Authorised Distributors of the Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range (LBR).

    Marlowe Fire & Security Group, Eco Fire Safety Ltd,  and SelectEquip and are the first to officially join the newly formed network of Firechief LBR Authorised Distributors.

    Lithium-ion batteries continue to present a more frequent fire hazard each day as the number of consumer and industrial goods powered by them increases and Lithium Battery fires are now recognised as a serious Health & Safety issue by many, including Transport for London who have banned all e-scooters and bikes from the network.

    Firechief Lith-Ex extinguishers contain Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent and have been designed to suppress Lithium battery fires in their infancy before they develop into a fully established fire.  They can also be used to protect against fires where batteries are under charge and stored; for example, goods distribution, battery collection bins, battery recycling locations, public services and battery charging stations.

    The Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range also includes Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Fire Blankets, Fire Suppression Kits and Fire-Resistant Containers which are designed for the safe storage and transit of Lithium batteries and the smaller devices which contain them.

    Firechief Global’s Managing Director Laurie Pollard commented: “The companies who join our network of authorised Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range distributors have been selected to provide our product range with new routes to market.  In return, distributors will receive a package of product training and sales and marketing support to help ensure their success.  We look forward to working with all of them in growing awareness and sales of this exciting new product range.”

    Robert Flinn, CEO at Marlowe Fire & Security Group said “With the growing usage of Lithium-ion batteries, it’s crucial that businesses understand the associated safety hazards and how to prevent and extinguish these fires to keep their workplace safe and operational. As an approved distributor of the Firechief Lithium Battery Safety Range, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that they have the right type of fire extinguisher that can quickly extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire if and when it occurs.”

    Henry Spence, Managing Director of Safety supplies company SelectEquip explained: ‘We supply a large range of lighting products to the rail industry,  from head and hand torches to emergency lighting and tower lights.  Increasingly these are using Lithium battery power and large numbers of Lithium batteries can be found on charge in railway contractors portacabin offices all over the UK at any one time.  However, there are no risk assessments or fire safety plans in place should any of these batteries go on fire, so the Firechief Lithium Battery range of products is set to make these contractors safer in their workplaces.’

    Jason Gorman, Managing Director of Nottinghamshire based Eco Fire Safety Ltd said:  “With the electrical products market growing and the apparent dangers there for everyone to see, the Firechief Lith-Ex range was a perfect fit for us to add to our product range and help all our customers safeguard their properties and more importantly their people.’

    For further information about Lithium battery fires and details of the Firechief LBR range and Authorised Distributors, visit our website Lithium Battery Safety Range - Firechief Global

    The Firechief range includes high-performance fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits, lithium-ion fire extinguishers for your home and leisure time.  For more information, call us on +44 (0)330 999 0019 or email

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