Firechief presents burning issue at Institute of Fire Safety Managers Technical Meeting


    Wednesday 9th February, saw our Trade Business Development Manager Matt Humby speaking at the sell-out Institute of Fire Safety Managers Technical Meeting at the Milton Keynes Dons stadium.

    Matt made a well-received presentation on the ever-growing risks of Lithium-Ion Battery fires and how and why they happen.  He also showed some examples of Lithium battery fires in mobile phones, laptops, e-cigarettes, electric bikes, and electric scooters and shared some solutions for mitigating the risks and effectively fighting a Lithium battery fire.

    The products contained in Firechief’s Lithium Battery Safety Range include specialist extinguishers and accessories – including battery fire blankets, fire resistant containers and fire suppression kits – all designed to stop Lithium-Ion battery fires fast.

    ‘It was a great honour to be asked to speak at this event’ said Matt afterwards.  ‘The audience was very engaged in learning more about this subject and asked some excellent questions.  Hopefully, we have managed to raise awareness of the dangers of Lithium battery fires in today’s world and how they can be effectively managed and tackled.’

    As a token of their thanks and appreciation, Matt was presented with a commemorative plaque and lifetime membership of the IFSM.  Well done, Matt!

    To find out more about this subject, contact Matt Humby on 07908201270 or drop him an email