Firechief Flame Buddy VS Firechief 600g ABC Powder Extinguisher – which is best?


    If you need a small, versatile multi-purpose fire extinguisher, the Firechief product range offers two options:

    Firechief Flame Buddy (FFB150 100-1533/FFB300 100-1534)

    The Firechief Flame Buddy is both small and easy to use – simply remove the cap and spray at the base of the fire. It is ideal for around the home, office, car or van, caravan trips and for keeping in the toolbox for assisting with hot work compliance. Its unique powered ‘balloon force’ technology and non-pressurised container saves the risk of an explosion if it was to be dropped or damaged, unlike either a stored pressure or aerosol-based extinguisher.

    The Flame Buddy’s small, powerful and multi directional design allows use in tight, awkward situations and even upside down! This is certainly something the powder extinguisher isn’t able to do.

    The Flame Buddy’s safe and environmentally friendly formula leaves no mess.  It is non compressed and propellant free and can also be safely disposed of in normal house-hold waste.

    It is the most user-friendly fire extinguishing device available.  It comes in two sizes – 150ml and 300ml.


    Firechief 600g ABC Powder Extinguisher  (FMP600  100-1051)

    The Firechief 600g ABC Powder Extinguisher is the smallest extinguisher in the Firechief range. It stands at only 207mm high and yet still packs a punch with its 5A 21B and C ratings. Suitable for class A, B and C fires, it will tackle most fires involving wood and paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires, whereas the Flame Buddy is limited to tackling class A and F fires but not electrical ones.

    The 600g Powder Extinguisher is ideal for keeping in a car or van and for taking away on caravan trips etc as it is small yet still has a big impact with its squeeze grip operation and corrosion resistant finish.

    Should the need arise, both the Firechief Flamebuddy and the Firechief 600g ABC Powder Extinguisher are incredibly efficient in putting out fires;  however, it depends on your needs as to which is best suited.

    You can also view our Flame Buddy video here, which includes an on-screen comparison of the two products!

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