Fire Safety Education At Home


    It is so important to educate your youngsters about the importance of Fire Safety especially in the home.

    Top 5 causes of fire in the UK:

    1. Cooking – should never be left unattended, ensure all appliances are turned off
    2. Smoking – Smoke outside and put cigarette butt in water to ensure heat is out
    3. Candles – All candles must be blown out before leaving the house or when we go to sleep.
    4. Electricity – Do not charge things overnight, switch off electrical appliances at the mains
    5. Matches and lighters – Kept out of reach of children

    Escape Routes Plan

    Thinking about a plan and practising an escape is so important, this should be practised now with your family while there is no emergency. This would ensure that if a fire was to happen in the future everyone knows what to do!
    There are three key parts to escape:
    1. Get out
    2. Stay out
    3. Call 999

    Fire Prevention

    Remove the risk and prevent the fire from starting. How to prevent a fire from starting in your home?

    A fire has 3 elements: Fuel, Oxygen and Heat. These are basically the 3 ingredients a fire needs to start and to keep burning.

    Simple steps to follow to ensure we are preventing the risk of fire:

    1. Check the kitchen, make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off (other than your fridge freezer of course)
    2. Put out all lit candles
    3. Put out lit cigarettes properly
    4. Turn off all electrical appliances at the socket
    5. Keep matches and lighters high up and away from children
    6. Shut those doors to prevent spread of fire.
    7. Download our fire safety checklist.
    8. Ensure your escape route is clear.


    Early detection is done by a smoke detector alarm. One on every level, in any room where a fire can start. Majority of fires occur between 10pm and 6am, when we are all sleeping. The smoke alarm will sound and warn you that there is a problem, this is the warning needed to get out of the house.

    Smoke alarms should be regularly tested (once a month) to see if they are working. This is done by pressing the test button in the middle, if there is no sound this could signify your smoke alarm needs new batteries or is faulty and therefore you need a new one.

    Here at Firechief, we want you to feel safe. Our mission is to work hard every day to protect lives and property from fire by providing a range of fire safety equipment that can be trusted to perform when the heat is on. The Firechief range includes high-performance fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits and lithium-ion battery fire extinguishers.

    For more information, call us on +44 (0)330 999 0019 or email

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