Fire protection for the garage or workshop


Fire safety is just as important in a workshop, shed or garage as in other areas of the home. There are multiple fire risks to consider, such as the handling and storage of flammable materials and substances such as aerosols and solvents; electrical equipment and machinery; smoking, matches and lighters, and use of equipment capable of starting a fire, such as blow lamps, gas torches or angle grinders, etc (known as Hot Work), to name a few. A 2kg powder fire extinguisher along with a fire blanket to use should your clothing accidentally catch fire, will cover these risks.

The lithium-Ion batteries found in power tools and electric scooters and bicycles may also pose a specific and significant fire risk. The battery of any of these devices may have been damaged or over-charged for example, causing it to become hot and potentially start smoking or burst into flames. Conventional fire extinguishers cannot effectively extinguish a Lithium-Ion battery fire only specialist extinguisher such as the Firechief Lith-Ex extinguisher is suitable for the job.

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