Fire Blankets – What you need to know

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    A Fire Blanket is an adaptable and flexible piece of fire-fighting equipment.  It can be used for more than just extinguishing a cooking fire, it can also be used to smother the flames on a person whose clothes have caught fire for example.

    A sheet of flame retardant material designed to extinguish small fires as soon as they start, fire blankets are made of either fibre glass or woven-nylon coated material with a silicone-based flame retardant.  They work by stopping the air flow to the fire, starving it of oxygen – one of the vital ingredients that a fire needs to keep burning.

    Fire Blankets for domestic use

    Fire Blankets for use in kitchens and around the home are folded and stored in a quick, easy release container which enables the blanket to be pulled out and placed over a fire to smother it.  Ideally a Fire Blanket should be mounted on the wall to assist easy release and we generally advise that it be replaced every five years to ensure the flame retardant coating is still effective.

    Having a Fire Blanket in a kitchen provides home-owners with peace of mind. If a pan catches light when cooking, under no circumstances should water be poured onto the flames. This will result in the fire spreading out rapidly, often causing devastating consequences. It is important that a fire blanket is big enough to cover the full area of the fire and therefore cut off the oxygen supply to the flames.

    Fire Blankets for commercial use

    For restaurant kitchens and those in office and commercial premises, a fire blanket will have been specified as part of the fire safety measures for the building.  For fires in commercial kitchens, it is also recommended to have a wet chemical fire extinguisher at hand as these are the only type of fire extinguisher designed specifically for use on fires in the kitchen involving volume of cooking oil as in deep fat fryers.

    A hard case fire blanket is preferable in a commercial kitchen as it is better protected against the constant coating of grease in the atmosphere which will be caused by frying.  The hard case fire blanket is also easier to clean down in this environment.  Fire blankets in commercial kitchens need to be replaced more often than every 5 years because of the potential damage from the grease and oil.

     How to use a Fire Blanket

    1. Turn off the source of heat if it is safe to do so
    2. Pull the fire blanket out of its container and stretch it out fully, ensuring it will cover the size of the fire
    3. Keep the blanket at arm’s length and using the tabs on the edge, hold it up to shield you from the flames and heat, approach the fire – looking over the top of the blanket so you maintain a clear view
    4. Cover the burning pan with the blanket to smother the flames. It is important to place (not throw) the blanket over the pan.
    5. Leave blanket in place for at least 30 mins – 1 hour before removing to avoid re-ignition
    6. After putting the blanket on the flames – leave the room, shut the door, and call 999.

    Firechief Fire Blankets come in a range of sizes and are manufactured from either K40 or K100 glass fibre cloth, both equally effective.  All our Fire Blankets are kitemark certified to BS EN 1869 and carry a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

    Here at Firechief, we want you to feel safe. Our mission is to work hard every day to protect lives and property from fire by providing a range of fire safety products that can be trusted to perform when the heat is on.

    Our range includes fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and lithium battery fire extinguishers - please see the video demonstration of how to use a fire blanket successfully below.

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