Evacuation Chairs provide a safe emergency exit


    With almost seven million people of working age in the UK having a disability, the issue of accessibility and the safe evacuation of a building’s occupants in the event of an emergency, is something that every business must ensure they address.

    And while building design can be adapted to incorporate ramps, wider doorways for wheelchair access and passenger lifts for accessibility, these aren’t necessarily of any use in helping people to get out of a building in an emergency situation.

    It is the responsibility of the occupier of a premises to ensure that all its occupants are safely evacuated in the case of an emergency. Fire risk assessments must, therefore, identify and consider anyone for whom mobility or serious illness issues mean that they need to use a lift to move up and down in a building and who would therefore be unable to exit the building in an emergency.

    Fire stairs or escapes - are clearly inappropriate for such people. Even if it’s not an emergency evacuation caused by a fire or security incident, a lift failure or power outage could prove to be difficult and distressing for someone unable to use stairs.

    Evac chair on stairs

    This is where the inclusion of evacuation equipment such as an Evacuation Chair is vital as they offer a simple and effective solution to ensure a safe exit.

    Fire Depot now stocks the eGO! Exitmaster Evacuation Chair, which offers the following benefits:

    • Instantly deployed
    • Manufactured and tested to the highest standards
    • Comprehensive warranty and CE compliant
    • Easy to open, load and travel downstairs
    • Extra slim storage
    • Auto-braked wheels when folded
    • Includes wall mounting bracket and fitted cover

    The decision to install this type of equipment will need to be taken on a building-by-building basis to fit the needs of each employee according to the fire risk assessment. It is also critical that there are people within the building who are trained to use the Evac chairs as although colleagues may be willing to help, without proper equipment or training, there is always a risk of personal injury in this situation.

    Life is precious and property and assets matter, so at Fire Depot we make it our mission to provide quality, approved fire protection equipment and to share fire safety advice and fire equipment recommendations. Visit www.firedepot.co.uk for more fire safety product information or call us on 0330 999 2233 to speak to our friendly team of experts.



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