Congratulations Jocelyn!

Joci 3

    Internal Sales Team member Jocelyn Shimwell has successfully completed her Customer Service Principles Level 3 course. Jocelyn was keen to complete this course and was that keen she actually completed it within one month.  This achievement included successful completion of units- understand the use of communication is Customer Service, understand the principles of Customer Service delivery in different sectors and understand the principles of making improvements to Customer Service.

    When asked how she felt on achieving this certificate Jocelyn commented ‘Having worked in a busy customer service environment for the last year, it’s been a great course for me to develop my skills. The course explored into different communication techniques, covering verbal and non-verbal techniques, and finished off with looking at internal and external requirements of organisations in view of proposing improvements to customer service. Furthering my understanding of customer service principles in different sectors and making advancements accordingly, this has been an enlightening study and has deepened my knowledge. I am pleased to say that I have passed this course and would only recommend that anyone who works in Customer Services signs up!’

    Jocelyn was awarded with her certificate on 2nd May 2019. Congratulations Jocelyn!

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