5 Reasons why fire extinguishers need regular maintenance

Fire Extinguisher engineer

    Fire extinguishers perform a vital role in the suppression of small fires. As one of the first lines of defence against fire, it is the responsibility of the responsible person (RP) of a premises to ensure that all extinguishers are serviced in accordance with BS 5306-3.

    1. Corrosion

    An extinguisher cylinder is manufactured from steel or aluminium and is designed to withstand the internal forces of the pressurised gas. Over time, this metal may begin to corrode or deteriorate from stress and compromise the structural integrity of the cylinder which can result in the failure of an extinguisher.


    1. Tampering

    If your fire extinguishers are in public areas, there is always the possibility that someone may tamper with them. Tampering can range from removing the headcap seal or the locking pin, loosening the hose, discharging some of the contents, or moving the extinguisher away from its specific, designated point.  Some of the tampering may have been unintentional, such as when an extinguisher is moved for cleaning or used as a door stop.


    Fire extinguishers will be checked for any tampering during servicing. However, if you consider that an extinguisher has been tampered with, you should call your service engineer to check and rectify any problems.


    1. Hose Blockage

    The discharge hose of fire extinguishers may, over time, become blocked by debris or insects, resulting in impaired functionality when used. The hose and connector O-rings may also deteriorate over time.


    1. Leakage

    The weight of the fire extinguisher is clearly marked on each maintenance label. This is not so that you know how heavy it is, but because the extinguisher’s weight is the simplest method of telling whether the contents are correct.


    1. General Wear

    Fire extinguishers will experience general ‘wear and tear’ over the years, from a little scuff on the paint to fading labels. However, the consequences of seemingly innocuous damage can be greater than one may have originally thought. For example, over time, as the maintenance label on the extinguishers become faded the important information the technician needs also becomes illegible.


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