10 ways to prevent a fire in warehouses & factories

Warehouse Fire Safety

    Fire Safety in every building is important however, when it comes to fire safety in factories and warehouses, there is not just the risk of lives but also to a business’ main assets. This could be machinery or stock, so even a small fire could impact these elements of a business with a catastrophic impact on revenue and productivity.

    As warehouses are most commonly used to hold stock it is a good idea to constantly review your fire prevention measures based on what the building contains. This includes selecting the correct fire extinguishers based on the type of materials most likely to be kept.

    City Fire Protection have collated ten tips to help consider how fire can be prevented as follows:

    1. Fire Risk Assessments

    Fire risk assessments should be carried out regularly, or when any major changes occur to the premises, providing an overview of hazards, people at risk, training required and how to reduce any risks

    1. PAT Testing

    All portable electrical equipment should be in good condition and suitable to use. PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) (PAT) helps to identify any potential dangers so they can be resolved before causing any damage

    1. Regular Maintenance of Equipment

    From simple machinery to forklifts, regular maintenance on all equipment will allow you to spot faults and thereby prevent a fire

    1. Fire Extinguishers

    Integral to any fire safety plan, you should have the right extinguisher class, in good working order to meet the unique hazards posed in your warehouse/factory. It is a good idea to have staff training too, enabling them to feel confident when choosing and using the right extinguisher for small fires

    1. Fire Alarms

    An effective way of alerting people to a fire and help locate the source in larger buildings is a fire alarm.  These can be tailored to your building’s layout

    1. Fire Doors

    Fire doors help slow the spread of fire and smoke as well as protecting key evacuation routes. Different resistance times are available based on your building

    1. Fire Signage

    Photoluminescent signs help to highlight dangers, providing instruction and direction concerning fire safety

    1. Fire Warden Training

    There should always be a nominated, competent person/s in your building to implement fire safety, and fire warden training is a great way to give them the knowledge and skills to carry this role out properly

    1. Sprinkler Systems

    There are a variety of sprinkler systems that meet specific risks, but all types can help to manage a blaze should the worst happen

    1. Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting is to illuminate safe exit routes, helping to save lives

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