Get a Firechief Doorwarden to monitor your fire doors


    The simple purpose of a fire door in everyday use is just the same as any other door. However, since a breakout of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike any other door, is then required to perform its main purpose as part of a building’s passive fire protection system, allowing all rooms to be separated off to contain a fire, protect the occupants and provide a safe, protected route of escape.

    But although fire doors are a critical element in fire safety and a requirement in every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building, their importance in saving lives is often overlooked. I’m sure we can all think of fire doors that we have seen wedged open or held open by an odd box or two! These doors would simply be unable to close in the event of a fire, thereby putting the building’s occupants at significant risk.

    Firechief is pleased to announce that it has the answer to this problem with the launch of a new product. The Firechief Doorwarden is a wireless fire door stop which legally holds open a fire door – until the fire alarm sounds that is.

    How the Firechief Doorwarden works

    The Firechief Doorwarden acoustic fire door retainer is installed on the facing side of the fire door. Once installed you simply select the “learn alarm feature” and set off your fire alarm for approximately 20 seconds. The Doorwarden will then learn your fire alarm and activate.

    And unlike other door closers on the market, the Firechief Door Warden only responds to the sound of the fire alarm. Its anti-vacuum technology means it will not respond to vacuum cleaners or other ambient noise.

    Other features of the Firechief Doorwarden include:
    • Easy to install.
    • Easy to upgrade from existing fire door retainers – the Doorwarden will fit straight onto the previous fire door retainer fittings
    • Dynamic slim design, designed to be discreet on the fire door.
    • Long battery life with an easy to use battery compartment.
    • Controlled from the LCD screen. Easy night release function, time management system, fault reader and weekly test.
    • USB: Software upgrades with special features available.
    • Fully compliant with BSEN1155 and accepted by UK fire brigades.

    The Firechief range of products set the standard for those who are seeking competitively priced, superior quality, UK-approved fire safety products. Look out for the Firechief brand for products you can trust to help keep you safe. Contact or call us on 0330 999 0019

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