Fire Safety Equipment list for your home


    Welcome to our convenient checklist of the fire safety equipment needed in most homes.

    What is fire safety equipment?

    Fire safety equipment is equipment designed to extinguish fires or protect the user from fire. It may be used by trained fire fighters, untrained users at the scene of a fire, or built into a building’s infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system).

    What fire safety equipment should I have at home?

    - Smoke Alarm – Every home should have a smoke alarm. Once you do have a smoke alarm, it is important to check them at least once a month.

    - Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Much like a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm will alert you when it detects a threat. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless and odourless toxic gas, which is why it’s dubbed ‘the silent killer’. Appliances such as the boiler or cooker, which are poorly maintained or fitted, can produce CO.

    - Small Fire Extinguisher – An extinguisher is an important tool in protecting your home. Intended for use in tackling a small fire, it stops a fire from quickly engulfing your home. It’s important that you know how to use an extinguisher before you need it, see how blog for more advice on ‘How to use a Fire Extinguisher’.

    - Fire Blanket – Often found in the kitchen for pan fires, it acts by smothering the fire of oxygen when placed over the flames. It is a simple device, and could be ideal for someone not used to a fire extinguisher. A fire blanket can also be used to smother clothing that may catch fire when cooking.

    - Fire Escape Ladders – Sometimes the safest way to escape from a fire is out the window. This isn’t always an easy task, especially if you are located on the second or third floor of your home when the fire begins. At Firechief, we have both two-storey and three-storey fire escape ladders that are compact and easy to store.

    Learn more about fire extinguishers for homes, and general home fire safety equipment, on our Protect My Home and Kitchen Fire Safety page.

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