Everything you need to know about the Flamebuster


    The Firechief Flamebuster is one of our best-selling products, find out everything you need to know about it here:

    Fire extinguishers are extremely important as they are the most commonly used for of fire protection. In many cases they are a first line of defence and often contain or extinguish a fire, preventing costly damage. These often-overlooked devices can be a key component towards keeping you safe during a fire emergency.

    Firechief Flamebuster Foam Aerosol is designed for use on:

    - Class F (cooking fires involving oil and liquids)
    - Class A (solid combustibles i.e. wood, paper, textiles, etc.)
    - Class B Fires (non-cooking flammable liquids: paint, petrol, etc.).

    The Flamebuster is the ideal aerosol fire extinguisher for use in domestic kitchens, boats, caravans and for taking on camping trips. You don’t need any training before using this fire extinguisher however it is always necessary to ensure that you are aware which types of fire it can be used for before using it.

    It’s recommended that you only try to stifle a fire once everyone has safely evacuated the home and the fire department has been called. Once those two conditions have been met, ensure that the flames are small enough that you can still see and breathe in the room.

    If you’re looking for fire safety equipment for your home, visit: www.firechiefglobal.com.

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