Emergency Lighting – Why it is important


    The function of emergency lighting is not to illuminate a building when the power goes out. The role of emergency lighting is to illuminate key areas that are required in an emergency.

    Escape routes – Emergency lighting should help people see in any passageways or stairways that lead to exits.

    In addition to this, lighting should be used to ensure that people are aware of any changes in direction.

    They should also be used to highlight hazards en route that might cause people to trip if they were not made clear. In the dark, when people are trying to leave the area, it is possible for everyday obstacles to become extremely dangerous and even lethal.

    Firefighting equipment and first-aid kits – Highlighting this equipment with emergency lighting can help staff or response personnel save lives.

    Even if the building policy is that people should head to exit points without tackling fires, regardless of whether or not it seems safe to do so, illuminating firefighting and first aid equipment will be useful to response teams who enter the building.

    Open areas, aka ‘anti-panic’ lighting – This is not the same as stand-by lighting. When these lights are on, it is definitely not business-as-usual. The intention is that they illuminate large, open spaces, making people feel safe enough to evacuate the building.

    By focusing on these lighting needs, you can ensure that your staff and other occupants of your building can escape in the event of an emergency.

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