Choosing The Best Fire Extinguishers for Homes


    When choosing a fire extinguisher for your home, here’s what you need to know.

    The Vital Role of Fire Extinguishers

    In approximately 80% of all fire incidents, a simple portable fire extinguisher is all that is needed to put out the fire. Studies have also shown that 60% of fires go unnotified. This means that the fire is not severe and can be handled easily with a fire extinguisher.

    How many Fire Extinguishers should I buy for my home?

    In terms of the number of home fire extinguishers you should have, try to have at least one per floor, so you have it available in case of an emergency. Also, know when to go. Fire extinguishers are only one part of a fire response plan, but the primary element is to escape safely.

    Five main types of extinguisher for domestic use are:

    Dry Powder (ABC rated)
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    Dry Water Mist

    Recommended Places to Keep Fire Extinguishers Around Your Home

    Each Floor. Keep at least 1 fire extinguisher in a central location on each floor of your home.
    Laundry Room
    Patio and Grill
    Other Areas where you think one could be useful.

    What type of home fire extinguisher should I get?

    Every household extinguisher is labelled A, B, C or F which tells you the types of fires the extinguisher is effective against. A is ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, and cloth; B is flammable liquids, such as gasoline or cooking oil C is live electricity; and F is cooking oil and fat fires.

    Why should I have one at home?

    While fire extinguishers are needed to put out small fires, they also have an amazing benefit towards the environment. By having the ability to control fires, fire extinguishers limit the amount of pollution that is caused by smoke and burning debris.

    Points to note before tackling a fire

    Don’t attempt to use an extinguisher on a fire unless you feel it is safe for you to do so
    Position the extinguisher where you can get to it quickly, like the hall.

    Buy extinguishers that you can carry easily.

    Don’t position extinguishers over a heater or fire, but do fix them to the wall, so they are out of reach of children but still easily accessed.

    Read the instructions and be familiar with how to use your extinguishers. Don’t leave it until you have a fire
    If you require the extinguishers for a business (including letting premises) you must have them serviced once a year.

    If you are using a fire extinguisher on a fire, keep yourself on the escape route side of the fire.

    Firechief manufacture a wide range of Fire Extinguishers which are suitable for home use.

    For more information see our home fire extinguishers information page.

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