Fire Beater

The best-selling Firechief Fire Beater

Our Fire Beater is ideal to use to put out fires that are in an open area such as grass fires. The Firechief fire beater can also be used to control the direction of small fires and keep them from spreading to undesirable locations.

The Firechief fire beater is one of our best-selling products, the industrial grade rubber acts as a beater to knock out the flames and halt the fire.

Watch the video below:

In order to ensure the safety of users it has a red fibreglass handle to allow the beating operation to happen at a distance.

The fire is attacked from the upwind side by lightly swatting out the flames or glows with the thick flap. When the flapper hits the ground, the oxygen supply to the fire is stopped and the fire will be extinguished. Where ground cover is short, the flapper can be dragged along the fire edge to smother the fire.

If used too hard it can add more oxygen to the fire. It is often recommended to either hose water on the area or keep it under observation, as there will always be a risk of it flaring up later.

Due to a flapper’s small size it is unfit for use against a blazing forest fire or large burning fields. The tool’s design makes it only suitable for minor flames or glows within a limited area. For fire fighting in larger areas it is much more convenient to take out hoses from a fire engine and spray selected areas.

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