Standardisation of fire safety sign practice


    One of the most important aspects of fire safety is the signage.  Exit signage in particular, is hugely important in public environments so that people are able to escape effectively in an emergency.

    Over the years, many signs have been developed leading to a plethora of different symbols to visually explain directions.  The variance in these symbols can be very confusing and potentially dangerous.

    BS EN ISO 7010 brings in a common language for fire safety signage.  It is being implemented worldwide as best practice when communicating safety messages.

    Are your clients up to speed with this new standard?  There are some changes which may mean their building signage is no longer compliant so we recommend you get down there and conduct an audit.  There may be some opportunities out there for you.

    The full range of up to date Fire Safety Signs can be viewed on the website.

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