Firechief Supermist 50 Litre Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

The unique and powerful 50 litre water mist fire extinguisher from the Firechief Supermist extinguisher range. Ideal for use on most classes of fire including A, F and electrical fires.

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Product Description

The new Supermist range from Firechief uses Watermist technology, causing minimal collateral damage, with maximum firefighting capacity. Fitted with two 6 litre stored pressure containers, this backpack firefighter is always ready to come to the rescue. The Dynamist does the work – dispensing Watermist, made up of microscopic droplets of water (below 80 microns), onto the fire affected area, quickly putting out the flames as well as bringing the temperature down to noncombustion levels.

  • Product code: FWM50
  • Easy to use with Quick Stored Pressure Activation
  • Fights Class A,B,F and Electrically started Fires
  • Tamper-proof Safety Seal
  • Low pressure, safe technology
  • Watermist technology minimises material damage
  • 1 minute of Continuous Discharge
  • Durable Braided Rubber Hose Pipe
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Body
  • Environmentally friendly: using pure water to fight fires.
  • Ideal for Rapid Reaction
  • Pressure Gauge for easy checking
  • CE Certification