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Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard (FSW1)

The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard intelligent fire safety technology provides continuous 24/7 protection. It monitors and adapts to the occupiers cooking style, while its automatic fault diagnosis constantly analyses the Kitchen Stove Guard’s function when the hob is in use.

An intelligent Heat Sensor Dislocation Alarm prevents cooker use if the Stove Guard’s sensor has been removed. The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard fulfills EN50615 Stove Guard standard requirements.

The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard can be easily adapted to the needs of special user groups. It can also be adapted with sensory signals, such as vibrating pads and flashing beacons for the hearing or sight impaired or those with dementia.


The Firechief Stove Guard effectively prevents kitchen fires by stopping them before they start. It’s proven technology and automatic shut-off, turns the cooker off before a fire can start

  • Intelligent heat sensors protects 24/7- Sensors provide continuous protection
  • Easy installation: Installs quickly and easily in minutes
  • Worry-free fire prevention: detects and reacts to heat instead of smoke
  • Can be easily adapted to the needs of special user groups
  • Compatible with most smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Celling and wall installation options
  • Fulfills EN50615 Stove Guard standard requirements
  • 2 year warranty
  • 10+ years battery life
  • Model Number: FSW1

Datasheet & Video


Product Leaflet

Firechief Stove Guard A4 Leaflet Sept22 Download

Product Leaflet with Case Study

Firechief Stove Guard with Case Study A4 Leaflet HR Sept22

Case Study - Cardiff University


Case Study - London Student Accomodation


Case Study - Market Quarter Rugby


Case Study - McAleer Rushe Garratt Mills, Earlsfield


Case Study - Bowline Liverpool

Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard – Bowline Case Study

Case Study - Wilberforce Trust Social Housing

Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard – Wilberforce Trust Case Study


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