Firechief Multimist – 6 Litre Foam Mist Fire Extinguisher

Powerful 6 litre foam mist fire extinguisher from the Firechief Multimist extinguisher range. Ideal for use on most classes of fire including A, B, F and electrical fires.

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Product Description

The revolutionary new MultiMist System is designed to combat Class A, B, F and electrically started fires. Foam is propelled through a specially modified dip tube to a special nozzle to produce foam mist particles. On contact with the flames, the mist turns into steam and envelopes the fire. This blanket effect cools the blaze down and brings the oxygen supply to below combustion levels. Without oxygen or heat, the fire dies out and because this isn’t water in its natural state, the dangers of electrocution and flooding are eliminated.

What’s more, since no synthetics or chemicals are used in the process, MultiMist causes absolutely no collateral damage. It just stops a fire dead in its tracks.

  • Product code: FFM6
  • Damage free Fire Extinguisher
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • High fire fighting effectiveness>/li>
  • Discharge controllable
  • Durable EPDM rubber hosepipe
  • CE Certification, LPCB Approval