Firechief F-Plus 6L Foam Fire Extinguisher (FABF6)

  • BODY Seamless aluminium body, manufactured by deep drawing, with plastic foot ring to avoid contact with the ground. External coating in polyester resin, signal red to RAL 3000.
  • VALVE Valve is lever operated aluminium alloy body. All external parts are protected against corrosion.
  • PROPELLANT The propellant gas is nitrogen. small percentage of helium is added, to facilitate electronic leak detection.
  • EXTINGUISHING AGENT Water with retardant + AFFF. All parts in contact with the extinguishing agent are compatible with the same.
  • HOSE Reinforced rubber hose with pressure connections, complete with spray nozzle.
  • BRACKET Zinc plated, mild steel wall bracket suitable for vertical mounting. Transport bracket or extinguisher plastic box for trucks and ships available on request.
  • USE Suitable for: Class A – combustible materials, Class B – flammable materials – fires, Class F – fires in cooking appliances that involve combustible cooking media. 27A, 233B and 75F Fire Ratings

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