CAVIUS 40mm Heat Detector Alarm – 10 Year

The CAVIUS 40mm Heat Detector Alarm with 10 year long-life battery is designed to detect fast, flaming fires in areas not suitable for smoke alarms such as kitchens, garages, workshops or laundries.

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Product Description

Using state of the art technology, the Thermal Heat Alarm works by monitoring normal and expected changes in ambient room temperature; triggering the alarm when any rapid and constant change of temperature is detected.

Fitted with a 10 year long-life battery and sounding an audio alert output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres, generating a piercing alarm that enables you to quickly react and respond or evacuate the home.

The aesthetically pleasing alarm emits a regular, dim low light flash to let you know the device is active and operating.


  • 10 year long life battery (sealed)
  • A penetrating sound at 85dB at 3 metres
  • 10 minute pause or hush button
  • 30 day low battery warning
  • Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • EN60065 & EN 54-5 certified



  • Battery: Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
  • Sound level: 85db at 3 metres
  • Optimal temperature of function: -10 to 38 C
  • Maximum humidity: Up to 95% Rh non-condensing