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PyroCloud Fire Suppression

The Firechief PyroCloud is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and animals.  It was originally developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to Halon.  The active substances of the PyroCloud aerosol are solid microparticles that fill the compartment and attack the combustion process at a chemical level.  As a result, the flames are instantly knocked down and the energy removed from the fire.

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What Is An Aerosol Fire Suppression System?

A handheld condensed aerosol generator is a portable or fixed fire suppression tool that can be used by firefighters or first responders. It is tossed at the fire and triggers generating a rapidly flame-reducing aerosol cloud to bring the fire within manageable proportions or extinguishing it entirely. We offer a variety of fixed or portable condensed aerosol generators for flashover and backdraft prevention.