12000 Series

The consequences of a fire can be devastating for any business. Replacement costs, consequential damage and interruption to the business can result in endangering its survival. PyroCloud Fixed fire suppression units detect fire at a very early stage and will extinguish it in just a few seconds.

PyroCloud units can be installed inside a compartment, room, or enclosure, providing protection as close to the source as possible. They have a fully automatic and independent system of activation and do not depend on electrical power supply but can easily be connected to conventional fire detection systems if required.

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These fixed fire suppression units can be installed quickly and easily without any interruption of ongoing processes and can be deployed in places with an ambient temperature ranging from -40°C to +75°C with humidity up to 98%. They are guaranteed for a serviceable lifetime of at least 15 years.

See a demonstration video of the aerosol fire suppression system here.