Powder Fire Extinguishers

The Firechief range of powder fire extinguishers. Available in different sizes. Ideal for use on class A, class B and class C fires.

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Powder Fire Extinguisher Supplier

Firechief carries a comprehensive range of powder fire extinguishers for use on:

  • Class A Fires – Fires involving solid fuel such as paper, wood, plastics etc.
  • Class B Fires – Fires involving Flammable Liquids such as Petrol, Oil etc.
  • Class C Fires – Fires Involving Flammable Gases such as Propane, Butane etc.

Available in different sizes and also available in polished finishes for office and hospitality environments.

Features and Certifications:

Most Fire chief Powder Fire Extinguishers come with:

  • KitemarkLPCB and MED approval
  • CE Marked
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Approved to BSEN3, EN1866
  • Comes with Wall Mounting Brackets (for wall mount models only)

Check the individual fire extinguishers as some certifications and approvals only apply to specific extinguishers.