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The Firechief range of fire retardant blankets are ideal for putting out a fire in a small burning pan, container, or on a colleague’s clothes if they catch alight. A fire retardant blanket will give peace of mind to a homeowner, a chef at a restaurant, and a car fire blanket is always a good idea as well.

Fire Retardant Blanket Use Video

In this video demonstration we show how to use a fire blanket from our range of fire safety equipment:


When cooking, if a pan catches light, you should not pour water onto the flames as this can result in the fire spreading out rapidly. The safest and most effective method of tackling a pan fire is by using a fire retardant blanket so it is a great idea to have one to hand!

These blankets are made from a glass fibre fabric that is specially treated with a fire-resistant coating; once draped over a blaze, the oxygen is starved, and fire stops.  Some people refer to these blankets as Fire Proof, but the correct name is Fire Retardant.

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