The new 2019/20 Firechief Catalogue is now available!

Featuring more than 2,000 quality, UK-approved fire protection products over 168 pages, the all-new catalogue includes Fire Depot’s exclusive and ever-growing range of Firechief branded products.

The new catalogue has over 50 new and improved products for you and your customers, new products include, the Firechief Wildfire Range – this is a robust range of wildlife firefighting tools to complement the Firechief Fire Beater.

The range consists of 4 new products:

Firechief Forestry Rakehoe – a McLeod rake with a two-sided blade on a long, fibreglass handle designed to rake fire lines with the teeth and cut branches and turf with the sharpened hoe edge.

Firechief Forestry Rake – a 4 teeth fire rake with 4 sharp steel blades individually bolted to the head and used to cut through roots and brush. The blades are easily removable for sharpening.

Firechief Firefighters Axe Short – with black rubber cover with a voltage resistance of 1000V.

 Firechief Firefighters Axe Long – Long Fireman’s Axe – a versatile and heavy-duty Pulaski axe with handle. Able to both dig soil and chop wood. Typically used to construct firebreaks.