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Why Does My CO Fire Alarm Keep Going Off?

Do you have one or more CO alarms in your property, that you are having issues with? Do they seem to be going off at random occasions or just continually sounding? This is a common problem we come across time and time again.

Before you start removing batteries and putting you and your household at risk, have a look at this post please as we address some of the things that could be happening if your CO alarm keeps going off and what you should do about it.

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Fire Door Safety Week – is your student accommodation safe?

At this time of year, parents are seeing their teenage children off to university, where many of them will be starting the new academic year living in rented student accommodation.

And although a dodgy fire door is a sure sign of an unsafe building generally, two thirds of parents with children living away from home say that they would not know what to look for when it comes to fire safety.

In a survey of a thousand parents with children living away from home in a rented property, shared house or student accommodation, nearly half (46%) of respondents cited furniture blocking doorways and corridors as visual clues which would most likely make them think that a building had poor fire safety.

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Firechief launches new type of fire extinguisher

At only 7.8kg in weight, the new Firechief F-Plus fire extinguisher is up to 25 percent lighter than similar extinguishers on the market due to its aluminium, corrosive free body.

It also has the added benefit of being a completely new type of fire extinguisher.  Known as a multi-class extinguisher, it contains a unique solution to tackle wood, paper and textile fires (A Class fires) as well as flammable liquids such as paint and petrol (Class B fires) and cooking fat and oil fires (Class F fires) equally well.  Traditionally these different types of fire would have needed three different types of extinguisher – water, foam and wet chemical – to fight them effectively.

You can learn more about the Firechief F-Plus fire extinguisher by watching the video